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Martin Luther King Memorial in Park City with The Debra Bonner Gospel Choir.

Debra Bonner Gospel Choir

Throughout his many years of studies, Ned never forgot that important childhood lesson that you could become anything if you work hard and put your mind to it. When asked what he got out of school, Ned says “Learn to study and work hard”. He wishes everyone could experience that—hard work leads to your dreams coming true.

Two years after he graduated from BYU with his law degree, Ned married his sweetheart Chante in October 1985. Celebrating 30 years of marriage, Ned & Chante have been blessed with 5 beautiful children, 2 grandchildren and counting.

Ned practiced law by himself for the first 7 years after he graduated from BYU. In 1990, he and his friend Mitch Jensen co-founded “Siegfried and Jensen”, Injury Attorneys.

Although the law practice keeps Ned busy, he still finds time to leave the office twice a week to teach religion classes to inmates at the Utah State Prison. He has been serving as their instructor for 13 years now, and finds great satisfaction in helping them change their lives. As the years have flown by, he has worked with hundreds of inmates, teaching women every Tuesday morning and men on Friday mornings. Ned recalls, “It is extremely gratifying to have made many lifelong friends. I have seen many of the inmates who have had a sincere desire to become better people, make meaningful changes in their lives and become more productive and happy people and members of society.” Ned finds great satisfaction in helping these inmates strive to make positive changes as they prepare to re-enter society.

Siegfried & Jensen has sponsored the “Utah Open Golf Tournament” for over 10 years now. Ned loves to golf and is thrilled to be part of this event. The public is welcome to come watch the tournament play free of charge every summer. Learn more at

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